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iSTARTOnline offers secure and efficient international school-aged student assessment testing. iSTARTOnline uses the EDUTEST as one of the tests delivered to overseas students wishing to enter into an Australian or New Zealand school.

iSTARTOnline is a smart solution for testing international school-aged students ages 11yrs to 17 yrs worldwide. Note that a different end-test is used for testing students entering into the United Kingdom, USA or Canada - markets into which iSTARTOnline Assessment Services is soon to be offered.

For AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND, iSTARTOnline's choice of EDUTEST - a trusted, reputable and well-known test which has already been delivering testing solutionsfor Australian schools since 2006 has been an excellent partnering. We are proud to be associated with EDUTEST and to use the Edutest as a component test of our testing procedures iSTARTOnline. All iSTARTOnline tests, using Edutest are delivered according to the current year level of the student being tested. iSTARTOnline also conduct speaking/listening interview assessments and provide a full assessment report including recommended weeks of any high school preparation course required for the student. iSTARTOnline is ideal for testing not only international school-aged students wishing to enter into secondary schools in Australia but also those wishing to enter into technical colleges.


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Secure testing.

ONLINE testing offers high-level security and integrity. As it is not paper-based, the completed test is not seen or handled by anyone other than assessors. In fact, during testing, each question selected by a student is delivered immediately, electronically to the assessment centre in Australia.

Following the completion or the timing-out of the online test, it is not possible for the test pages to be reopened and the test is in the hands of the assessors in readiness for marking, analysing and reporting. Overseas testing supervisors are unable to later view the answers selected by a student.

Agents and schools are able to conduct and supervise the Edutest. All students registering for tests have their registration data completed by agents or schools.

Agents are rewarded by iSTARTOnline-Edutest for conducting and supervising testing with integrity. The Agent reward structure is outlined within the Agent Secure area of this site and can be viewed once you subscribe.

Should a school be nominated by a student, the school will be alerted by the Agent or the Assessment service. Should a student enquire direct to iSTARTOnline the student will be referred to an agent and/or the school.


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Fast Results.

Practice Tests are available. Go to this link:

Following analysis of raw results provided by Edutest and other testing conducted by iSTARTOnline an assessment report is prepared and released within 10 working days. There are no 'testing centres', schools CRICOS regulated agents are able to register their own student (client) to undertake the test and supervise the test under secure conditions. Students are not faced with having to wait to be tested because the 'test centres' are 'booked out'. Schools do not have to wait for a month for their student to be tested. The iSTARTOnline solution has a turnaround from testing to report of only one week.

Questions are year level relevant. Raw scores for the English component provide an overall result but also a detailed breakdown.

Schools are also able to setup, conduct and supervise students requiring an assessment test with the guidance, support and monitoring by iSTARTOnline. This is useful for walk-ins into a school onshore.

The actualEdutest component of English, mathematics and abstract reasoning takes approximately 2 hours to complete in full. A written test is required and iSTARTOnline assessors conduct a speaking/listening interview which is recorded and provided by iSTARTOnline as part of the full assessment report.

iSTARTOnline - a smart service solution for testing overseas students wishing to enter into schools. Tests used may differ according to country, curriculum requirements and normed comparative data needs.


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SUBSCRIPTION FOR AGENTS AND SCHOOLS IS FREE - Subscription to iSTARTOnline provides agents and schools access to the secure areas of this website which enables an Agent or School to:

1. Register a Student for testing;

2. Download Instruction Guides for registering a student and supervising the test;

3. View example reports and download the 'Interpretation sheet for reports'.

STUDENTS or FAMILIES are unable to subscribe or register themselves - this must be undertaken by a SCHOOL or AGENT to ensure the security and integrity of registering, conducting and supervising testing. Once subscribed you will receive within 24 hours your SCHOOL or AGENT User ID and Password to gain access to the secure areas where you login using the buttons at right >>>>>


iSTARTOnline uses the Edutest as part of its testing procedures for overseas students wishing to enter into an Australian or New Zealand school. iSTARTOnline will soon publish the test which will be used for United Kingdom school entry.

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