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iSTARTOnline requests Agents and Schools to subscribe (it is free) so only approved and verified subscribers are able to register students for testing. iSTARTOnline and EDUTEST are then satisfied those subscribed understand the testing process and requirements in setting up, conducting and supervising testing of a student. Students must be registered for testing by a subscribed Agent or School.

Why Subscribe?


It is important to maintain the integrity of testing of students. Secure areas for agents ensures that only those agents who have been approved by iSTARTOnline are able to undertake supervision of student testing. Agents representing Australian, New Zealand or United Kingdom schools need simply apply for subscription to the login area and subscription is absolutely free. iSTARTOnline will then contact the agent, discuss training opportunities to gain certified accreditation for delivering and supervising the EDUTEST and guide the agent through the process of registering a student for testing, setting up, conducting and supervising a test. Subscription will allow access to the SECURE AGENTS LOGIN AREA. As an agent you are already trusted by the schools you represent in recruiting for them, international students. This trust will be further extended to you by iSTARTOnline.

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Subscription for schools, as it is for agents, is absolutely free of charge. The reason we require schools to subscribe for approval and be provided a secure login id and password to enter the SECURE SCHOOLS LOGIN AREA is so we can be sure that a school understands the testing processes, the report results and the protocols involved whether a school is in Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom. Subscribing to gain access to the secure portal where your school is able to register an 'international' student for the EDUTEST also indicates that you are willing to use or at the very least trial using the EDUTEST for your new international applicants and as such be included in the extensive list of schools which will be offered to agents worldwide. This becomes a recruitment and agent introduction opportunity for schools. iSTARTOnline regularly holds overseas Student GROUP testing days following accredited training days for agents. These days provide schools an opportunity to be in attendance (for free) to showcase their school or for the agent to represent the school on the day for those students being Edutested. All details of students being tested on these group days are held by the agents and not iSTARTOnline. iSTARTOnline will only have the Student's Name, current year level and date of birth.

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