Privacy policy.


This policy details areas of assurance by ISTARTOnline Pty Ltd.  iSTARTOnline  observes binding obligations of each individual school's privacy policy and that of EDUTEST.  However, iSTARTOnline is not responsible once information is passed to either EDUTEST or a school in regard to how that information is handled by EDUTEST or a school. ISTARTONLINE is bound by the National Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, as amended (“the Act”).

1. Collection of Personal Information

The type of information ISTARTONLINE collects and holds includes (but is not limited to) personal information, including sensitive information, not limited to but including the following:
- Students:  names, ages, dates of birth, current and preferred schools for entry, agent used and other details that may be contained in school reports and such relating to test information required to be gathered for delivery of testing before, during and after the course of their enrolment at ISTARTONLINE
- Parents and/or guardians (collectively “parents”) before, during and after the course of their child’s testing  via ISTARTONLINE
- About Schools and their practices
- Some other people who come into contact with ISTARTONLINE
“Personal Information” means: information or an opinion, whether true or not, about an individual whose identity is apparent or can be reasonably ascertained, from the information or opinion. “Sensitive Information” means: personal information relating to a person’s racial or ethnic origins, political origins, religion, education, occupation, trade union or other professional or trade association membership, sexual preferences, criminal record and information about a person’s health.

Personal Information Provided by the individual

ISTARTONLINE may collect personal information, including sensitive information, about individuals from information provided to ISTARTONLINE or via completed information forms provided to iSTAERTONLINE and from discussions in person or on the telephone. ISTARTONLINE may also hold personal information through its communication with agents or EDUTEST.

Personal Information provided by Third Parties

ISTARTONLINE may also be provided with personal information about an individual from third party sources, including information provided by agents or a students school.

2. Use of Personal Information Collected

Students and Parents and Agents

ISTARTONLINE may collect school contacts, students’ and parents’ and agents’ personal information to enable ISTARTONLINE to provide information to each and to train, manage, facilitate and deliver the testing service on behalf of EDUTEST to one or more of the above individuals.  
ISTARTONLINE may use personal information for the facilitation of testing and including to:
- Inform schools and agents or other supervisors and families of details regarding testing procedures or results including through correspondence or ISTARTONLINE publications
- Satisfy ISTARTONLINE’s legal obligations, particularly to discharge its duty of care
- Conduct administration activities of ISTARTONLINE
- Ensure students’ educational, social and medical well-being are protected
- Seek donations and market ISTARTONLINE in conjunction with EDUTEST or a School which is participating in any ISTARTONLINE event
- to advise the names of Supervisors conducting the tests or organisations approved to deliver, conduct and supervise testing
If ISTARTONLINE requests personal information about a student or parent but if the information requested is not provided, ISTARTONLINE may be unable to deliver the testing service or provide information to enable testing to occur.

Potential Employees, Employees and Independent Contractors, joint venture partners, Schools or School staff

ISTARTONLINE may collect personal information of potential employees, employees and independent contractors to assess and possibly engage an employee or independent contractor. ISTARTONLINE also may hold information outlined in contracts entered into with ISTARTONLINE by Schools and/or school staff.
An employee's record may be used without breaching the National Privacy Principles or this Privacy Policy if the use relates to a current or former employment relationship between ISTARTONLINE and the employee.
ISTARTONLINE uses personal information on potential employees, employees and independent contractors and organisations to:
- Administer the individual’s employment or contract
- Satisfy ISTARTONLINE’s legal requirements or contractual requirements
- Meet insurance purposes
- Seek funds or grants
- for marketing or promotion of iSTARTONLINE
- Volunteering purposes
ISTARTONLINE may also collect personal information about volunteers to assist ISTARTONLINE in its marketing and recruitment efforts, providing advice to potential students and families or current student and families and for any social or educational functions and associated activities.

Fundraising and Marketing

It may be necessary for the marketing of ISTARTONLINE or during fundraising activities for personal information held by ISTARTONLINE to be disclosed to an internal organisation, such as the Schools, agents or other ventures such as EDUTEST, which may participate with ISTARTONLINE, or others who assist with these tasks. In particular, publications may be used for marketing purposes and may be provided to parents, staff, employees, independent contractors and other members of the Australian and international educational community.

3. Disclosure of Personal Information

ISTARTONLINE may disclose personal information, including sensitive information, held about an individual to:
- School faculty members, EDUTEST
- Anyone to whom the individual authorises ISTARTONLINE to disclose the information
- Medical practitioners
- Specialist visiting faculty of schools, agents, EDUTEST and other people who provide services to the School and therefore who ISTARTONLINE is also involved
- Parents
- Another School
- Government Departments
- Recipients of School publications, such as newsletters or magazines
- Education Agents
- Alumni Associations and affiliated bodies
- Parents' Association
- External sporting bodies or associations with a connection to ISTARTONLINE
- Educational Assessment organisations

ISTARTONLINE will only use or disclose sensitive information for the purpose for which it was provided or for another directly related purpose, unless you agree otherwise, or where ISTARTONLINE is legally allowed to use or disclose that sensitive information.

4. Management and Security of Personal Information

ISTARTONLINE prevents personal or school information held by it from being misused, lost, modified or accessed other than with appropriate authority, or disclosed, by use of the following methods:
- Use of secure storage for both paper and computer records.
- Paper records relating to students or schools are kept in secure cabinets in the administration building. Computer records relating to students are stored on staff dedicated computers and can only be accessed with passwords. Computer administration records relating to students are protected to minimise opportunities for hacking. Test result files may be passed to schools or agents.  iSTARTONLINE keeps each test result secure and archived but additionally these results are held by EDUTEST as the test delivery organisation and markers are privy to these results.  
- Staff professional development on privacy
- Annual shredding of documents
- Ongoing commitment to generate a staff culture regarding respecting privacy

5. Updating Personal Information

ISTARTONLINE ensures that the personal information it holds is accurate and complete. An individual may update personal information held by ISTARTONLINE by contacting the ISTARTONLINE.
In accordance with the National Privacy Principles, ISTARTONLINE will destroy personal information after it is no longer necessary to hold it.

5. Access to Personal Information

Under the Act, ISTARTONLINE is generally obliged to provide an individual with access to any personal information that ISTARTONLINE holds about them.
Requests for access to personal information are to be made to the Managing Director of ISTARTONLINE in writing. Generally, ISTARTONLINE expects this to be done by the student's parents or Headmasters of Schools. Consent given by parents will be treated as consent given on behalf of the student and a notice from parents will act as notice given by the student. ISTARTONLINE may, in special circumstances, allow students access to information about them held by ISTARTONLINE independently of their parents. ISTARTONLINE may also allow a student to give or withhold consent to the use of their personal information. The provision of independent access to information and the respect for withheld consent will normally only be granted when the student involved has reached 18 years of age or when the maturity of the student and/or his personal circumstances justify it. All privacy agreements and responsibilities held by iSTARTONLINE under these privacy obligations for a School or Agent or EDUTEST, once a student has completed testing and iSTARTONLINE has passed on to another body, institution or organisation involved the test results are passed onto the new provider in receipt of the information provided to them and thereafter is the responsibility of the third-party provider’s policies and not iSTARTONLINE.   ISTARTONLINE's privacy policies ongoing and ISTARTONLINE will then not be liable for any action or breach of privacy by any individual third-party passed this information in line with its delivery and facilitation of testing.
Access to personal information may be denied in certain circumstances. For example, there will be occasions where access to personal information would unreasonably impact on the privacy of others or where access may result in a breach of ISTARTONLINE’s duty of care to the student.



By subscribing to iSTARTOnline in order to gain access to the secured area of the iSTARTOnline website, Agents and Schools and any other subscriber approved by iSTARTOnline is bound to upholding confidentiality of content of this site. Further subscribers are not permitted to pass on to any other organisation or individual there login details to access the secure areas, copies of any instruction guides, examples of reports or other content held within the secure areas and provided for subscribers only, without written permission granted from iSTARTOnline.

By subscribing to iSTARTOnline your school or agency is agreeing to be published on this website as being subscribed and willing to accept an Edutest assessment test from a potential student applicant for their school and that this Edutest assessment report will be the assessment report used for consideration of their application for enrolment to a school (along with other school reports, or other personal or academic information about the student which a school may require).

A school or agent recognised that in subscribing to iSTARTOnline they will receive newsletters and notifications about assessment testing or about marketing, promotion or recruitment opportunities in which a school or agent may wish to participate. Agents will receive notifications and alerts about accreditation training days and group testing days for students.

All subscribers approved, based on the information contained in the subscription form submitted to iSTARTOnline, or further information provided should iSTARTOnline require further information for approval of a subscriber, agree to the terms and conditions within this privacy/subscription policy as ticked on the iSTARTOnline subscripton form completed. This policy outline also covers copyright and registered trading name and logo protection clauses and a subscriber is also bound by those clauses within this document and understands the sharing of information collected is for the purpose of testing students, providing agents and schools with information for applicants wishing to enrol into a school, is also shared with Edutest assessment testing provider and is used for contacting subscribers as required.

Providing intentional false or misleading information in the subscription form in order to subscribe to iSTARTOnline for unethical or devious purposes is considered a breach of our policy and a breach of our own privacy under privacy act regulations and/or may be considered a breach of 'commercial-in-confidence' information and subject to further action by iSTARTOnline.

Further subscribers are subscribed to iSTARTOnline and not to EDUTEST. Edutest is a separately governed and registered Company. However the content of all Edutest documentation contained and provided to a subscriber by access being granted to the iSTARTOnline secure areas is the property of iSTARTOnline as being granted by permission from Edutest. Any content is therefore considered to belong to iSTARTOnline and be able to be provided to subscribers by iSTARTOnline and fall under the confidential category as outlined above. iSTARTOnline may publish your organisation's name for promotional purposes undertaken to attract school students to apply to your school or to use an agency for application to schools, or to promote iSTARTOnline support by schools and agents. iSTARTOnline may share your subscription information with Edutest for the purposes of integrity and security of the Edutest and share information of student information collected from testing with Edutest. iSTARTOnline is under no obligation to pass details of its subscribers to any other party.


ISTARTONLINE makes every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of information published on, served by and accessed via its Internet pages, but accepts no liability for the information contained therein and it ought not be relied upon as a substitute for formal advice from EDUTEST or a school.

ISTARTONLINE, its employees and agents will not be responsible for any loss, however arising, from the use of, or reliance on this information. It does not endorse as to accuracy or content, any links on its Web pages to external Internet sites not published or maintained by it.


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About the iSTARTOnline website. The ISTARTONLINE website was created by iSTARTONLINE with graphics either purchased, sought with approval from those involved and/or provided and approved by each party involved and this applies to all iSTARTONLINE marketing materials and publications. All site content or marketing materials and information publications content and images are copyright protected (see above) and as such any iSTARTONLINE content or images remain the property of either the author or illustrator, photographer or creator and may not be copied or published elsewhere without explicit permission granted in writing by iSTARTOnline. Sample reports and instructional guides or articles provided within the secure areas of the iSTARTOnline website are provided to subscribers for their or the nominated organisation's own use and must not be provided or shared to any other individiual or organisation not subscribed to iSTARTOnline. The iSTARTOnline logo in all combinations of layout is a protected trademark.