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Special Events

iSTARTOnline publishes here dates for Agent training, Student GROUP testing days and the opportunities (at a very minimal cost) for Schools to be in attendance (on their own tables) to meet and be available to speak to families while their children are being tested at the 'Student GROUP Testing" days held regularly in various countries.

Schools wishing to express their interest to be notified of such opportunities should subscribe to iSTARTOnline as 'News Flash' emails will be sent to all subscribed schools and agents notifying of accreditation training (agents), GROUP testing days (agents and schools) and offers for schools to have a table at the testing days (schools).



Student GROUP testing days

These group testing days offer Agents attending the accreditation and certification training mornings the requirement to experience 'hands-on' as part of this training, the supervising of students undertaking the test, while iSTARTOnline is in attendance and available to assist and guide Agents through this process. It is a requirement for agents seeking accreditation and certification to undertake the 'hands-on' component of the training day.

For Agents already accredited, it provides a facility for a number of students to be tested at the one sitting. iSTARTOnline is able to supervise the students from the Agency and following testing, the report results are sent back to the Agency for following up on behalf of schools. Should a student have already nominated a preferred school, results are also sent directly to the School. If not, they are sent to the agent until a preferred school or schools has been discussed with the family and the Agent then forwards the report results to the school/s.

For students, the online test is undertaken within a two hour timeframe and results are received fast (within a few days) back to agents and/or schools.

For Schools, the 'group' testing days offer an opportunity for school representatives to be in attendance at tables. While the children are undertaking testing in one venue area, the families are able to seek information from schools in attendance. Schools are offered this opportunity at very minimal cost.


Agent training

Agent training is held in many countries on a regular basis by iSTARTOnline. The training provides accreditation and certification for an Agency and provides confidence to schools that an agent understands how the Edutest needs to be set up, conducted, delivered and supervised.

Agents are taken through each step of the process and the workshops cover the IT equipment provisions, troubleshooting solutions, the test environment, cost of testing (including commission paid to the Agents by iSTARTOnline/Edutest as a thank you for conducting and supervising the Edutest). iSTARTOnline will demonstrate the Edutest elements and explain the structure of the various tests i.e. English, Mathematics, Abstract Reasoning, Written Expression.

The training day aims to fully prepare agents to be able to register a student, set up, deliver and supervise students undertaking the Edutest and be able to prepare students in regard to a general overview of what they should expect, briefing a student about screen elements, the clock timer, skipping over and going back to a question and so on.

During the afternoon session, agents will need to supervise 2 students (whom they have arranged through iSTARTOnline to take the Edutest) and this will complete the accreditation certificate training.


Opportunities for Schools and Agents

Student Group Testing days provide subscribed schools and agents an opportunity to be showcased to each other through the iSTARTOnline 'News Flash" emails and newsletters from time-to-time. In addition, iSTARTOnline will extensively advertise the testing days to attract students to attend. Registration will be managed by iSTARTOnline and later passed to agents and schools for follow up of students not currently attached to any agency.

Schools are also offered a low cost invitation to attend selected group testing days to showcase their school and be available to speak to the families while the students are being tested. Agents will be in attendance to then follow up for any school wishing to pass through the student to the agent in attendance.

Agents and Schools must be subscribed to the iSTARTOnline site to be included in notices regarding testing dates and the opportunities these present, and agent training dates.


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