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EDUTEST is the latest and best solution for educational assessment testing of international school-aged students - iSTARTOnline surveyed the need for a test which could deliver not only fast and timely results to schools, but detailed results.

iSTARTOnline consulted widely with school academic staff, international student admissions and recruitment staff, Heads of ESL and Heads of Mathematics departments at many schools about what they were looking for in an international student assessment testing service. iSTARTOnline Directors, Interviewers and staff have themselves been involved in assisting the enrolments of school students into schools collectively now for over 30 years and have been recognised for their work and expertise in the field of international education by AUSTRADE.

Our survey found that schools needed to make timely decisions in regard to accepting students for enrolment. Timely meant that schools needed test results back to them within a few days - not weeks! The ability to test 'walk-in' students onshore (themselves) or students living in remote areas was also needed.

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Detailed Results


Enter EDUTEST. iSTARTOnline consulted widely to find a testing service who had the expertise and the reputation to deliver what schools were needing.

EDUTEST was able to deliver the solution for schools and iSTARTOnline, with its connections to agents worldwide, is able to monitor, train and manage the registration process for overseas education agents on behalf of EDUTEST.

EDUTEST is an internationally recognised, standard assessment Company. EDUTEST has conducted examinations online for many years in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom providing quality data, reporting and accurately measuring ability and achievement levels. The reports break down each component of English, Mathematics and Abstract Reasoning testing areas to indicate student performance, identify strengths and weaknesses and even speed at which areas of the test were completed.

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Testing should not simply provide a school with a resulting score for English Vocabulary and Grammar. It should actually break down the report results into each area across the English spectrum of learning. EDUTEST provides a complete breakdown for English faculties at schools.

The report sent to faculties at schools is very informative. Faculty or English language centres assisting schools to determine appropriate weeks of English language bridging required are more fully able to ascertain the student's areas of difficulty.


Once again the reporting for Mathematics is comprehensive, measuring the speed of completion: "Have careless errors been made?" and results broken down into areas of the curriculum. EDUTEST has conducted examinations online for many years in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Mathematics is scored based on normative data. Reports are broken down into each tested area of Mathematics, providing Mathematics faculties with detailed information about a student's strengths or weaknesses.


An important area of educational assessment testing, abstract reasoning uses no English language and assesses a student's ability to 'think' to 'reason' and a student's problem-solving ability. Once again results are broken down into segmented areas to provide a clearer indication of strengths or weaknesses.


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Determining an appropriate English bridging program.

It is agreed by many that the determining of how many weeks English preparation an international school student needs prior to entry into mainstream classes should be decision of the school faculty or, the school faculty in discussion with the preferred English Language College used by the School. iSTARTOnline understands that no two schools are the same. Where one school may offer English bridging support programs another may not. There should not be a 'one-fits-all' approach based on testing results alone. Test assessment providers may not have the knowledge of each school's ESL, ESOL, EFL, support or combined immersion programs. One school may have an intensive English-second-language (ESL), (ESOL) or (EFL) program within the school - another may not. A school may decide that a student can more rapidly improve their English due to the unique immersion programs they conduct or because a student is in boarding and living with English native speakers. Schools may wish to combine support programs with subjects such as art, music, sport or IT classes to enable the student to enter into the school earlier rather than later. Whatever the situation, our belief is that the school should be in control of determining the preparation weeks required before entry into mainstream classes. For this reason, Edutest does not provide a pathway recommendation. Schools hold school reports and background information about the new student. These together with the assessment reports provided by Edutest should provide the ability for a school to plan the bridging pathway. Should however a school need guidance in determining an appopriate length of bridging weeks apprpropriate for a student, iSTARTOnline is able to provide that guidance and direction to a school as needed.

School academic staff are professionals and have the expertise to assess a student if provided school reports and an educational assessment report of a student's English, Mathematics and Abstract Reasoning ability. Faculties know what support programs the school is able to offer a student and plan an appropriate bridging program. Often schools use a preferred English Language College who are able to discuss directly with school staff an appropriate duration for English prior to entry.