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Testing is in your capable hands.

As an agent you have a responsibility to the student and family (your clients) and also to the Schools you represent. Schools expect and demand that any representation for the school will be provided with integrity and quality. Agents are able to register a student for testing. The student is then PROCTORED via our sophisticated software and can undertake the Assessment in their own home. Our ASSESSOR will conduct a ZOOM interview and supervise the written test as well.

iSTARTOnline understands, because we have worked with overseas education agents now for collectively some 30+ years, that agents work for many schools from different countries. It makes good sense therefore to have consistency in the way a student needs to be tested. It also makes good sense that as a representative engaged by a school your agency is able to set up, conduct and supervise the educational assessment testing process for your own student clients on behalf of your schools.

Be in control.

Accredited certificate training, support and guidance will be provided to you by ISTARTOnline. Group student testing days in your city/country is held regularly which provides a perfect venue for you to promote your schools and provide training for your staff of the EDUTEST. Schools you represent and who are subscribed to iSTARTOnline acknowledging they will accept an EDUTEST is considering an applicant, can be showcased on these days and you, as the agent can liaise directly with the school preferred by the family/student - whether that be an Australian, New Zealand or United Kingdom school - any you represent, and you remain in control to then follow up with the school on behalf of your client.




Yes. There are PRACTICE tests.


Online test.

Other Assessment tests require a student to attend a testing centre! iSTARTOnline, especially during COVID, were able to provide continuity of testing for schools. Students are able to undertake this PROCTORED test in the comfort of their own home. There is no waiting for a month to be tested - once registered students can undertake this test within 3 days - reports are issued within 10 working days thereafter.

Our PROCTORING software records the student during the entire test procedure, detecting and recording any breaches of the testing rules and reporting on this back to iSTARTOnline. Breaches include: someone in the room with student; someone speaking to the student; use of mobile phone or browsing other internet pages; use of calculator or dictionary when not permitted; student leaving the room or desk; many other instances. If a breach is detected, it is investigated by iSTARTOnline. Depending on the breach and the recorded capturing of the breach, it may be that the student will NOT be issued an assessment report and be required to redo the assessment. This means a repayment. It is therefore in the interest of every student (parent) to ensure their child is not assisted, and does not breach testing rules.

iSTARTOnline looked for a solution to streamline the testing process and deliver a secure and efficient alternative for international school student educational assessment testing. EDUTEST have been delivering their testing services to schools since 2006 and they have conducted examinations online for many years in Australia. It is wonderful iSTARTOnline (in partnership with Edutest) is now able to offer the INTERNAITONAL STUDENT ASSESSMENT to other countries such as the U.S.A., New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The Edutest test platform is highly regarded and has been used consistently to provide testing solutions to Government and independent schools. International student assessment testing is an additional test offered and fully-managed through iSTARTOnline Assessment Services.

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Agents trusted.

iSTARTOnline has provided this excellent solution for schools. As Agents you are entrusted to extend the services to your families.

A school-agent-family relationship is built up over many years and is valued by all parties. Schools engage overseas education agents to deliver an accurate representation of the school, to follow correct processes and advise families about their school, acting with integrity at all times and abiding by CRICOS regulations which the school must ensure agents are also observing.

Schools recognise that agents also need to protect their reputations. Agents who have needed to send their student clients to another agency (a testing centre) for a student to undertake assessment testing no doubt loses some credibility in their client's mind, as to why they are not able to offer a convenient testing solution, recognised by schools, without the need for their client to attend a testing centre?

What about students who live in remote areas where a 'testing centre' has not been set up, or a student must wait for weeks for a 'roaming supervisor' to next visit before testing can be undertaken?


AGENTS can then be in control to be able to register their own students to undertake a PROCTORED Online Assessment test, quickly, in the comfort of the student's home. The agent can be assured reports will be back to the agent/family/school efficiently - no waiting for weeks/months to have your student tested. Schools can provide acceptance decisions more promptly and the family is appreciative of your agency's efficiency and less anxious in waiting to hear back from a school about acceptance.

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