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Testing is in your capable hands.

As an agent you have a responsibility to the student and family (your clients) and also to the Schools you represent. Schools expect and demand that any representation for the school will be provided with integrity and quality. Agents are rewarded by iSTARTOnline-Edutest for conducting and supervising testing with integrity. The Agent reward structure is outlined within the Agent Secure area of this site and can be viewed once you subscribe.

iSTARTOnline understands, because we have worked with overseas education agents now for collectively some 30+ years, that agents work for many schools from different countries. It makes good sense therefore to have consistency in the way a student needs to be tested. It also makes good sense that as a representative engaged by a school your agency is able to set up, conduct and supervise the educational assessment testing process for your own student clients on behalf of your schools.

Be in control.

Accredited certificate training, support and guidance will be provided to you by ISTARTOnline. Group student testing days in your city/country is held regularly which provides a perfect venue for you to promote your schools and provide training for your staff of the EDUTEST. Schools you represent and who are subscribed to iSTARTOnline acknowledging they will accept an EDUTEST is considering an applicant, can be showcased on these days and you, as the agent can liaise directly with the school preferred by the family/student - whether that be an Australian, New Zealand or United Kingdom school - any you represent, and you remain in control to then follow up with the school on behalf of your client.





It's an Online test.

Previously your client may have had to be sent to a 'testing centre'. Often they needed to be booked in and had to wait a week or more for a 'spot'.

Often the 'testing centre' has been a competitor of your own Agency, also representing students and schools for their overseas study needs. We can only imagine this did not please you - to send your student to a competitor agency for testing. Following testing, the student then had to wait sometimes more than a week to receive results, as paper-based testing needs to be double-handled from completion to returning to the assessors, to marking.

iSTARTOnline looked for a solution to streamline the testing process and deliver a secure and efficient alternative for international school student educational assessment testing. EDUTEST have been delivering their testing services to schools since 2006 and they have conducted examinations online for many years in Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. They are highly-regarded and have consistently provided a range of testing service solutions to Government and independent schools. International student assessment testing is an additional test now offered.

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Agents trusted.

EDUTEST has provided a solution for schools. Agents should now be entrusted to extend the services they provide for a school who has engaged them to undertake their representation overseas.

A school-agent relationship built up over many years is valued by both parties. Schools engage overseas education agents to deliver an accurate representation of the school, to follow correct processes and advise families about their school, acting with integrity at all times.

Schools need to recognise that agents also need to protect their reputations. Agents who have needed to send their student clients to another agency for assessment testing no doubt loses some credibility in their client's mind as to why they are not able to deliver testing?

What about students who live in remote areas where a 'testing centre' has not been set up, or a student must wait for weeks for a 'roaming supervisor' to next visit before testing can be undertaken?

iSTARTOnline and EDUTEST partnered so that agents could be trained, supported and monitored to delivery and supervise testing of students on behalf of schools they already work for, who monitor their conduct under at times strict governmental guidelines demanded of providers.


AGENTS can now take control and be in charge of the timely undertaking of an assessment test. Training and support is provided to get agents off to a quick start as a supervisor of the EDUTEST.

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