About Edutest.

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iSTARTOnline has created a great solution for schools by providing an alternative test to assess international school-aged students wishing to enter into an Australian school.

EDUTEST has been chosen as the end-test to be delivered as part of the iSTARTOnline assessment testing services of international students wishing to enter into Australian schools. Read more about the test.


Ability tests are designed to measure a child's ability to think, reason and solve problems, without necessarily relying on prior knowledge. Ability generally predicts how quickly a child will be able to learn and the level of complexity that they can comfortably deal with.

1.Verbal Reasoning

Measures the ability to think and reason using words and language. This includes vocabulary, word relationships, classification and deduction.

2.Numerical Reasoning

Measures the ability to think and reason using numbers. This includes series, matrices, arithmetical reasoning and deduction.


Achievement tests are designed to measure actual achievement or performance in some key academic areas. Achievement scores are influenced by a child's ability, as well as the application and practise of knowledge that has been learned.

3. Reading Comprehension

Measures the capacity to read and interpret meaning from written passages, as well as correct, complete and punctuate sentences.

4. Mathematics

Measures year-level appropriate mathematical knowledge, including items tapping numbers, measurement, algebra, space and data.

5. Written Expression

This is a creative writing test that assesses the ability to convey ideas clearly in written form. Punctuation, creativity, construction, grammar, spelling and relevance to the task are assessed.


For parents and students

What is the actual test? The test used by iSTARTOnline for the Australian schools assessment of international students is the Edutest.

Edutest has been conducting scholarship and entrance examination testing of Australian students for Australian schools since 2006. EDUTEST assessors are involved in providing raw test data and written test assessment. This data is then passed to iSTARTOnline for further assessment, report preparation, recommendation of weeks for English high school preparation course (if applicable). iSTARTOnline conducts the speaking/listening assessment interviews.

The assessment of an international student wishing to enter into an Australian, New Zealand or United Kingdom school is to enable the School to assist with appropriate support pathway language bridging courses prior to mainstream class entry, or to enable the School to more accurately determine appropriate class levels for mathematics for example. It is not a pass/fail test - it is an assessment.

International student online testing has been carefully developed in consideration that students undertaking this test are from nationalities where english is not the the first language. Parents and students should not feel anxious about the online testing process.




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Read the EDUTEST Brochure


Edutest is an educational assessment organisation well-known and respected by schools in Australia. Edutest meets the needs of schools, parents and students. Edutest is based on a solid educational foundation and is committed to providing quality assessments and services.

Edutest’s team of experienced educational psychologists, educators and administrators ensure valid and reliable testing. For Australian student testing onshore Edutest provides meaningful feedback as well as efficient and personalised service. EDUTEST at the request of iSTARTOnline now includes an international online test for school-aged students and has provided this test for the use by iSTARTOnline. iSTARTOnline being the assessment service provider and Edutest the end-test served to students as 'part' of the entire test procedure.

EDUTEST's core business provides to Australian schools: Flexible scholarship testing of Australian students on the dates of a school's choosing; Diagnostic data of students' strengths and weaknesses; Entrance and placement testing of students schools intend to enrol; Secure remote online testing interstate and overseas; Longitudinal tracking of student performance; The ability to assess a school's value-added; Quick turn around of results.

The philosophy behind Edutest is simple: to provide the foundation that assists schools with their goal of ensuring that every student reaches their potential.

Registration via iSTARTOnline is easy and iSTARTOnline staff are there to assist at all times.

iSTARTOnline has created a streamlined solutions for schools needing to have overseas students assessed prior to issuing an Offer of Place. Time is of the essence at this point and EDUTEST are excited that its test has been chosen to be used for the Australian schools' assessment services.

Proven success.

EDUTEST since its establishment in 2006 has built an impressive support list of Australian schools supporting EDUTEST in Australia.

In Australia, where EDUTEST was established, the schools listed below have already used the Edutest for their own local students' scholarship, cohort year level testing, selective entrance testing, educational benchmarking or they are schools now using the international student assessment testing.


iSTARTOnline, in selecting a test, needed a test that was trusted and reputable. It is recognised by iSTARTOnline that security and integrity is of utmost importance to schools. Only agents recognised and reference-checked by iSTARTOnline are approved to deliver, conduct and supervise the testing. These agents are already CRICOS regulated by schools and as such have much to lose if they do not follow the procedures of security of testing.

See FAQ Page (click here)

A complete breakdown of many questions asked is published here with answers to ensure your school is confident in trying this new choice of testing.

Those schools listed herein have used or currently use Edutest for testing of their Australian students using the Edutest i.e. scholarship, cohort year level, selective entry testing. Those marked with an asterisk * are accepting iSTARTOnline assessment testing to assess the entry of an international student.


Albert Park College (VIC)
*All Saints' College (NSW)
Australian International Academy (VIC)
Australian International School (VIETNAM)
Bacchus Marsh Grammar School (VIC)
Ballarat Grammar School (VIC)
Balwyn High School (VIC)
Beaconhills College (VIC)
Blackheath and Thornburgh College (QLD)
Brighton Grammar School (VIC)
*Brisbane Grammar School (QLD)
Brunswick Secondary College (VIC)
Buckley Park College (VIC)
Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School (WA)
Caloundra Christian College (QLD)
Calvary Christian College (QLD)
Camberwell Girls' Grammar School (VIC)
Camberwell Grammar School (VIC)
Cannon Hill Anglican College (QLD)
Carey Baptist Grammar School (VIC)
Cathedral College (VIC)
*Christ Church Grammar (WA) Citipointe Christian College: The Christian Outreach College Brisbane (QLD)
Christian Outreach College Toowoomba (QLD) East Doncaster Secondary College (VIC)
*Eltham College of Education (VIC)




Trusted by Schools.

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Emmanuel College (QLD)
Fintona Girls' School (VIC)
Firbank Grammar School (VIC)
*Fraser Coast Anglican College (QLD)
*Genazzano FCJ College (VIC)
Gladstone Park Secondary College (VIC)
Glen Eira College (VIC)
Good Shepherd Lutheran College (QLD)
*Goulburn Valley Grammar School (VIC)
Haileybury (VIC)
*Hills Grammar School (NSW)
James Ruse Agricultural College (NSW)
John Monash Science School (VIC)
John Paul College (QLD)
Kardinia International College (VIC)
*Kincoppal-Rose Bay School (NSW)
*Kingswood College (VIC)
Korowa Anglican Girls' School (VIC)
*Knox Grammar School (NSW)
Lauriston Girls' School (VIC)
Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School (NSW)
*Loreto College Adelaide (SA)
Loreto College Ballarat (VIC)
Loreto Mandeville Hall (VIC)
Luther College (VIC)
Mac.Robertson Girls' High School (VIC)
Matthew Flinders Anglican College (QLD)
Melbourne City School (VIC)
Melbourne High School (VIC)
McKinnon Secondary College (VIC)
*Mentone Grammar (VIC)
*Methodist Ladies College (WA)
Moama Anglican Grammar School (NSW)
Nambour Christian College (QLD)
New England Girls' Grammar School (NSW)
Newhaven College (VIC)
Norwood Secondary College (VIC)
Oxley College (NSW)
Pacific Lutheran College (QLD)
*Prince Alfred College (SA)
Penbank School (VIC)
Redeemer Lutheran College (QLD)
Rivermount College (QLD)
Rowville Secondary College (VIC)
Ruyton Girls' School (VIC)
Sandringham House - Firbank (VIC)
*Scotch College (WA)
Shailer Park State High School (QLD)
Shelford Girls' Grammar (VIC)
Southern Cross Grammar (VIC)
St Alban's Secondary College (VIC)
St Andrew's Anglican College (QLD)
St Andrew's Lutheran College (QLD)
St Brigid's College (VIC)
St Francis of Assisi Primary School (VIC)
*St Hilda's School (QLD)
St Leonard's College (VIC)
*St Margaret's Anglican Girls School (QLD)
*St Michael's Collegiate School (TAS)
St Michael's Grammar School (VIC)
St Monica's College (VIC)
*St Paul's Grammar School (NSW)
St Paul's School (QLD)
Strathcona Baptist Girls' Grammar School (VIC)
Suzanne Cory High School (VIC)
*Tara Anglican School for Girls (NSW)
The Cathedral School (QLD)
*The Hutchins School (TAS)
*The King's School (NSW)
*The Friends School (TAS)
The King David School (VIC)
The Knox School (VIC)
The Lakes College (QLD)
*The Peninsular School (VIC)

*The Southport School (QLD)
Tintern Schools (VIC)
Trinity Grammar School (VIC)
Trinity Lutheran College (QLD)
*Tudor House (NSW)
University High School (VIC)
Vermont Secondary College (VIC)
Wellington Secondary College (VIC)
Werribee Secondary College (VIC)
Westbourne Grammar School (VIC)
West Moreton Anglican College (QLD)
Whitsunday Anglican School (QLD)
Whittlesea Secondary College (VIC)
Woodleigh School (VIC)
Yarra Valley Grammar School (VIC)

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