Why Practice?

Edutest offers online practice tests for school students preparing to undertake the iSTARTOnline-Edutest 'International' Online Assessment Test.

There are 2 benefits of doing the online practice tests:

1. A student can compare themselves directly against a local/domestic student of the same current year level. They will understand what levels of English and other skills are needed once in a local/domestic school (Australia, NZ or UK) and what the expectations might be if they were sitting in a classroom at that year level - right now. Hence it may be more difficult for them but more realistic as to what will be expected of them once in their 'overseas' class environment.

2. It may allow the student to feel more comfortable with the online testing test environment, the screens and the style of testing. This will alleviate anxiousness a student may be feeling in readying to undertake the iSTARTOnline-Edutest for the purpose of the entry assessment for a school overseas.

Relax and Focus

Importantly, you should remain relaxed as you undertake the test, focus on the questions, do not rush. If you cannot answer a question, leave it and go back to it later.

Practice Tests >>

Practice tests can be purchased online via the Edutest logo link below. The practice tests are provided by Edutest.
There are three difficulty levels available which can be purchased. You can purchase one and later another if you wish - if you feel it was too easy.
Students are able to undertake these tests 'at home' and 'unsupervised'. They are after all – for the purpose of 'practice'.


There are only 20 questions in each module, and these questions are not found in the 'actual' tests. The questions are only a representation of the style of testing. The practice tests are primarily aimed at local/domestic students and local English speaking students, and international students undertaking the practice tests - might find them more difficult.

Don't Rush

The tests are timed and a clock is visible at all times on screen so you will know how much time has expired or is remaining. It does not matter if you do not answer ALL the questions - this is normal.

How Difficult?


The practice tests are not exactly the same as the online assessment entry test an international student will undertake, but they provide a very good example of the level of English that is required if right now they were sitting in a classroom, at a specific year level in a local school (whether that school is located in Australia, NZ or UK).

Students should consider the practice tests as 'setting themselves a challenge'. The practice tests provide international students a realistic benchmark in regard to the ability level (at their current year level) they will need to acquire once they enter a school abroad. A student will realise why schools need to assess ability levels before entry. Through assessment schools are then able to recommend english preparation pathways to enable a student to meet the standards of a particular year level once commencing at the school, providing any support they may require.

Having completed the practice tests, students should then find the online 'international' assessment entry test a little easier in comparison. This is because the 'international' assessment iSTARTOnline-Edutest entry test has factored in that English is used as Second or Another Language (EAL or ESL/ESOL/EFL) and therefore questions, for example in mathematics address this hurdle.