Thank you for registering your student for iSTARTOnline assessment testing. Results are issued within 10 working days.

Register another Student

iSTARTOnline administration will ‘set up’ the test documents for your student and email to you the student’s unique TEST login and password details two days prior to the test date.  The test cannot be opened or commenced prior to the test date (when you will ‘start’ the student’ test) as it will ‘void’ the test from being completed/opened.

You will be provided an instruction guide entitled: ‘how to conduct/supervise the test’ – be sure to carefully follow instructions.

You must ensure that on the test day the student brings along a passport sized photo and two forms of identification for security check.

If you have any questions or problems please phone:  +61 0437305640

In the unusual event you have NOT received the test setup documents 2 days before the testing date, please firstly check your spam/junk email box and if not found, contact iSTARTOnline via email:  or phone as above.

NOTE: Assessment test reports are released within 10 ‘working days’ (i.e. Monday to Friday are working days) from the test date and all paperwork being returned to iSTARTOnline (completed written essay, ID check form and school reports).  Marking cannot commence until we have all forms returned following testing.

Thank you for registering your student.  We wish the student success.